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SAT Test Preparation

SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) is a requirement of all students who apply for the undergraduate program in an American college or university. It should be noted that the test is a requirement by every American citizen may also require international students, depending on the colleges or programs that are planning to be accepted in. The test includes a section for math and verbal test with multiple questions often. The Department of Mathematics will include questions in arithmetic, algebra, geometry and statistical probability and statistics and so on.

The section will contain verbal categories include:

Measurement: This section will measure your ability to understand the meaning of the words and the relationship between words.
Complete the sentence: This section will measure your ability to complete the sentences through logic.
Critical reading: This section will measure your ability to read text and critical thinking about its content.

For more information about dates and registration info for SAT test in the U.S.  


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