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IELTS Test Preparation

IELTS (the International English language Testing System) is meant to assess the language ability of candidates who ought to study or work wherever English is that the language of communication.

More than four hundred test centers around the world administer IELTS. Most test centers are passing by IELTS Australia, the British Council, or universities and language colleges. Some testing centers additionally supply off-site testing for big teams by previous arrangement with IELTS. Contact your native examination center or visit to search out wherever the closest IELTS test center is found.

There are two types of tests; academic and public tests. For Higher Education, prefer academic IELTS tests may be a requirement by some universities instead of the TOEFL test. 

Number of points preferred by many colleges and universities is 6.0 or higher. The number of points varies according to the developed country and the requirements of the college.

There are 4 modules, or sub-tests to the IELTS test: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Examinees should sit all of the 4 sub-tests. Whereas all students take an equivalent Listening and Speaking tests, they sit completely different Reading and Writing tests, counting on whether or not they have elite the academic IELTS test or the general training IELTS test.

IELTS Listening Test lasts for about half-hour. It consists of 4 sections, played on tape, so as of increasing difficulty. Every section may be a dialogue or a monologue. The test is played once only, and therefore the questions for every section should be answered whereas listening, though time is given for student to envision their answers.

IELTS Reading Test lasts for one hr. Students are given an Academic Reading Test. Each test accommodates 3 sections, and in each tests the sections are so as of increasing difficulty.

IELTS Writing Test additionally lasts for One hr. Again, students take either an Academic Test, or a General Training test. Students should perform two writing tasks, which need completely different forms of writing. There’s no selection of question topics.

IELTS Speaking Test consists of a one-to-one interview with a specially professional examiner, that can lead the student through the 3 components of the test: an introduction and interview, a personal long turn wherever the candidate speaks for one or 2 minutes on a specific topic and a two-way discussion thematically coupled to the individual long turn. This interview can last for about 11-14 minutes.


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